'Our aim is to optimize the positive impact of our business and assets within our broader environment. We want to balance the interests of our investing clients with societal and legal requirements as well as sustainability needs'

The three pillars of our ESG & Sustainability framework

01 Sustainable Real Estate

02 Social Engagement

03 Responsible Governance


Milestones & Roadmap

Inge Kortekaas, Sustainability & Innovation Manager

“Fueled by a strong passion for sustainability and digitalization, I am dedicated to driving innovation within our professional organization. With a focus on digitalization and sustainability, I am committed to enhancing our ESG efforts. Through collaboration with my network, I aim to lead initiatives that implement cutting edge tools for operational efficiency, aligning with ESG objectives. The interconnectedness of innovation and sustainability is crucial in our pursuit of ESG goals, serving as essential pillars for the resilience and prosperity of our economy and society. I enthusiastically contribute to the ongoing success of ESG imperatives.“

Inge Kortekaas

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